My Workstation

The Student Workstation is your starting point; from here, you can open your HLC book, review your scores and feedback, and send e-mail to your instructor.

When you log in to the Student Workstation, you will see information about your HLC book and the course in which you are using it.

If you already entered a book key but haven't signed up for a course, you should do so by entering the course code in the Enter field. If you don't have the course code, you can get it from your instructor.

If you have already signed up for a course but haven't yet entered a book key, you should do so by entering the book key in the Enter field. If you don't have a book key yet, you can purchase one from the Bookstore.

Once you have entered both a book key (this gives you access to a book) and a course code (this lets your instructor track your progress), you are ready to begin. To open your book, click Open book. At any time, you may:

Click Class details to view information about your course, like your instructor's name, meeting times, and duration. There is also a link to send e-mail to your instructor.

Click My results to review your scores and to read comments from your instructor.

Click Announcements to read general class announcements.

Click Options to drop a course or transfer to a different class or instructor.

If you have any questions about using your HLC book, please contact Technical Support.